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Solar module washing sprinkler


PhotoVoltaic Washer 600 / 1000


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Building a sustainable future

With 100% national technology, thePV Washer 600/1000 solar modules washing sprinkler  are state-of-the-art equipment thought and designed to streamline the maintenance and washing of small, medium and large photovoltaic parks without the need to shut down production.

If you are looking for efficiency, quality and agility, the models PV Washer 600/1000 solar modules washing sprinklerIt is the ideal solution for your solar plant.


Models available

The PV Washer has two models available for your choice: 600 or 1000



The PV Washer 600 model has a reservoir of up to 600 liters of water.



The PV Washer 1000 model has a reservoir of up to 1000 liters of water.


The PV Washer solar module washing sprinkler is indicated for all sizes of photovoltaic power plants and parks.

The PV Washer 600 and PV Washer 1000 models can be hooked up toor a cardan shaft coupled to tractors or any other motorized equipment of your choice that has a power take-off, allowing your maneuvers to be easy to operate.


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Who we are

We are GLD Energia

The PV Washer solar module washing sprinkler was designed and developed by the company GLD Energia, a 100% national company that operates directly in the development of photovoltaic parks for over 10 years. 

Its expertise in several areas of activity based on the EPC stages - Engineering, Procurement and Civil Construction presents the market with tailor-made equipment when it comes to O&M services and professional module washing.


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