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Retrato com Megafone

Economize 30% em lavadoras fotovoltaicas!


Reduce costs for washing your modules without interrupting production.

Keep your solar panels in full working order even while cleaning the modules.

We present the 
PV Washer.


Guarantee 100% utilization power without interruptions

Commercial Advantages


Protect modules warranty


Reduce washing costs


No need to disconnect strings

icone seguranca.png

Cleaning without contact with the modules


Global Patent


Reduction of labor during washes


Transporting the PV Washer in a Small SUV

Technical advantages

  • Possibility of washing the module from the front and back.

  • Cleaning of modules mounted on SINGLE-AXIS, DOUBLE-AXIS and TWO-AXIS. 

  • It comes with a cannon with two additional pressurized hoses for simultaneous washing.

  • Average consumption from 800 ML to 1.5 L per module.

  • It has low maintenance.

Download our PV Washer presentation and discover more details.

Technical Data

  • Tank capacity of 600L and 1,000L

  • Controlled and targeted spray washing

  • Cannon with 320° horizontal and 65° vertical rotation

  • Cleaning of 35 modules/min or 12,600 modules/Day for Single Axis

  • Cleaning 70 modules/min or 25,200 modules/day for Dual Axis

  • Pressure controlled by manometers

  • Equipment width 1.25m


Contact us now and ask for a PV Washer quote. 

Want to know more?Read our article about PV WASHER
Application, usage and performance in detail

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